Freedom Land Quilombos are Brazil’s version of Maroon communities, consisting predominantly of the descendants of escaped African slaves, who define themselves in terms of their relationship to the land, … read more »


As in: This is “it.” What I know about Alto Paraíso de Goiás after a week: About 8,000 inhabitants municipality wide. Settled by slave-holding colonizers in the 1750s, officially … read more »

Why We’re in Kerala, India

(a little background reading) The following are some great excerpts that help provide the context for our interest in this region. The author, Thomas Isaac, has had a long … read more »

India, My Love

Week 2: Reflections, Projections and the Present Moment Seema has just taken off (with Osho’s The Book of Woman in hand) to join her family in the central Kerala city … read more »

India 2007 Co-op Questionnaire

Preface: Another thing Seema and I realized this week is that even as people of color, we’ve been so institutionalized by “formal” education that we automatically start our endeavors … read more »

Initial Fieldwork

CEC fieldwork began in August 2006 in Bahia, Brazil. Egypt travelled all over the state of Bahia evaluating site possibilities. Besides her first choice of the beloved Ilha de … read more »